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  • What is Mushaireb?
    Mushaireb is a prestigious development by QATARI DIAR. It is the first of its kind in Sudan, a fully integrated community where you can enjoy stunning Nile views, gardens, premium office space, a hotel as well as retail and leisure outlets, including restaurants, coffee shops and communal areas.
  • Where is Mushaireb located?
    Mushaireb is conveniently located at the heart of Khartoum, 20 minutes from Khartoum International Airport. Click here for directions and a map.
  • What is the meaning of Mushaireb?
    In common Qatari dialogue many place names are modified from their original form, for example, Jabail becomes Jobal (mountain)
    . Mushaireb, is a modified version of Masharab, which refers to a low region of Qatar where four small spring sources used to run.
  • What is planned at Mushaireb?
    The project consists of 8 residential towers, a 5 star hotel, a corniche (riverside promenade) and 23 residential and commercial individual developments. On the lower levels of the commercial towers is dedicated retail space.

    Mushaireb will also be the place for entertainment and relaxation, with restaurants, cafes and shopping boulevards displaying the world’s leading brands.

    In the extensive landscaped grounds, a riverside corniche will provide residents with the opportunity to stroll along the banks of the river Nile, socialising and meeting up with friends and neighbours.
  • Will there be a marina?
    No, a marina isn’t planned, although the riverfront corniche will be developed into a family friendly entertainment area.
  • At what stage is the project?
    We have completed two phases of this multi-phase development. Al Bidaa tower is completed and the first apartments have been handed over to their new owners. Al Rayyan tower is in the last stages of construction and apartments will be available soon.

    Al Mirqab and Al Wakra towers are under construction and are expected to be completed around the 3rd quarter of 2012.

    For more information, please call our sales centre or check progress on the website.
  • Is there a visitor or sales centre?
    Yes, the visitor centre is located on the site. There you will find a show apartment along with a full detail model of the project.

    Our sales staff will be more than happy to receive your enquiries, and to take you through the project components in detail.
  • What are the advantages of living in Mushaireb?
    At Mushaireb you can live, work and play in an upscale development, enjoy stunning Nile views, high-end restaurants and comfortable residencies with 24/7 security and world-class facility management.
  • Who do I contact for further information about the project?
    You can call one of our sales representatives on +249155119100 (Sudan) or +97444977077 (Qatar), or submit an enquiry here and our representative will be happy to assist you.

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