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Mushaireb Overview

A jewel on the Nile

Set on the riverbank of the flowing Blue Nile, and with views of the inspiring point where the waters of the White Nile entwine with those of the Blue, Mushaireb holds a prime position in Khartoum. Yet it is not simply the location that makes this development special, it is what it represents: a new confidence in Africa, a desire to embrace the modern world, to create opportunities and to proudly enjoy the new prosperity.

Mushaireb is the first of its kind in Khartoum and is unique in its appeal to the affluent, go-getting urbanite of a ‘new’ Africa. Covering a huge area of 20 hectares, much of which is set to gardens, open spaces and communal walkways, the development includes more than eight towers of high specification living. You will discover everything you would expect of such a development, premium office space as well as retail and leisure outlets, including restaurants, coffee shops and communal areas.

Building on the past, creating a new path.

Much attention has been taken with the design of Mushaireb in order to retain elements of Khartoum’s past and to make residents and visitors feel at home. Islamic architectural details are sensitively combined with modern styling. Here the old meets the new, yet both live harmoniously together. The result is exciting, contemporary and fresh.

Designs on smart living
The planners and architects of Mushaireb have spent every effort to ensure residents can enjoy an unsurpassed standard of living. Traditional Islamic architectural influences are combined with contemporary styling and detail to create a fresh overall look and an air of sophistication and elegance, while respecting the local culture and diversity.

Interior details have been specified to the highest standard, right down to the double-glazed windows, to ensure the very best environment for residents.

On the street level, every effort has been made to maintain a healthy, safe environment. For example, ample underground parking ensures boulevards are free of cars with immediate benefits to the safety of pedestrians and to the general appeal of the development.

The garden of Africa
As you would expect, being on the Nile means the land here is incredibly fertile and this is reflected in the many green, open spaces and abundance of foliage and flowers that form landscaped links across the development. Tree-lined boulevards and walkways create a feeling of peace and tranquility. Families with children will appreciate the wide open lawns away from passing traffic. Office workers too can enjoy a nice shady spot for their lunch break. It all makes for a pleasant environment, the perfect place to live, work and bring up a family.
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